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We are dedicated to catering to unique security services and individual customer needs, delivering value-added services and reliable systems at competitive prices with full after sales support.

Our competitive Security Services edge is our exceptional service!

We Are A Local Security services Company

  • At Regal Security Services we are committed to our community and are invested in its future. Together we work to strengthen and protect the well-being of our community.

  • We produce on our promises and are unique, differentiating us from our competitors!

  • Regal’s Security Services are a local solutions provider with the capabilities, products and integration options to satisfy our

State-Of-The Art Equipment

  • We use cutting edge security equipment and video surveillance to provide your home and business with the most reliable and advanced protection available.

  • Our cutting-edge range of innovative products are easy to use and can be integrated across multiple platforms.

  • We have the technological knowledge required to keep up with evolving technologies in order to advance the capabilities of our newest security services and products.

Extended Service Plans

  • We provide optional extended lifetime equipment and service warranties to our clients. Our Service Plan is just one of the many reasons our customer service is so highly rated.

  • Our high level of operational effectiveness in performing internal business activities at a higher standard than those of our competitors makes RSS easy and pleasurable to do business with. This will improve our  security services reputation and increases the level of support we provide while decreasing the time it takes to get our products to market.

value-added services

  • Regal Security Services are a relationship-oriented business and we aim to build long lasting partnerships and provide tailor-made solutions according to individual user requirements. We are a high-level trusted security partner to our customers which makes them receptive to our offerings.

  • Our qualified Security Services are here to protect you, your people, property and assets 24/7 with our state-of-the-art security  services systems.

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