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Beautiful Villa

Residential Villa

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Residential Villa

CCTV packed with Advanced Features

After conducting a comprehensive free site survey to ensure the system catered for the full security protection of his family and villa, Regal Security Services installed full CCTV Coverage for security monitoring.

The system provides entry, perimeter, and internal protection configured with advanced analytics alarms for line crossing, intrusion detection, and facial recognition.

System Overview: 

  • Multi-functional CCTV system with special features for home security to detect if a person crosses a configured virtual line.

  • Facial Recognition against a whitelist.

  • Alerts for any unknown users entering the property.

  • CCTV is designed for no “dead zones”, multiple viewing angles and clear images day or night.

Hardware and Software:
  • High-resolution cameras with facial recognition.

  • Powerful infrared for clear nighttime images.

  • NVR system recording with live notifications and alarms.

  • Mobile App for our valued customer to access cameras for live view and playback from anywhere.

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