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RESIDENTIAL SECURITY - Regal Security Services

  • Residentials use home security to protect themselves and their assets against crime and theft.

  • Demand is driven by residential income, value of assets and the feeling of household insecurity.

  • Customers are not very knowledgeable on residential security issues and need assessments on what to buy.

  • Home insurance coverage plays a role in the residential market demand as it offers discounted premiums.

  • Households tend to install basic residential security systems for simple residential security requirements.







  • High-End Compounds

  • Palaces & Villa's

  • Apartment Blocks

  • Estate Agents/Body Corporates

  • Multi Occupancy Units

  • Homeowners & landlords

  • Facilities Management Companies

  • Interior Designers

  • Access Control

  • Biometric 

  • Identification/Intercoms

  • CCTV Cameras, Hardware & Recording

  • Visitor and Contractor Management Systems

  • Automatic License Plate Recognitions

  • Parking Guidance Equipment

  • Vehicle Traffic Barriers

  • Pedestrian Turnstiles/ Elevator Control

  • Wireless Locks

  • ID Card Printers

  • Technical Support Services - Installation Services, Annual Maintenance Contracts,
    System Integration and Development.

  • Accredited Training Programs.

  • Needs Assessments & Feasibility Studies - Conceptual Solution Design, Integration Assessments, Technical Proposals, Budget Estimates, Retrofits and Custom Software Development.

  • Security Consulting &  Risk Management.

  • High-End Private Security.

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