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Leading Gym

To become the trusted security partner of choice, provide value in marketplace, display innovation and adaptiveness and earning our clients’ confidence to reward our shareholders.


Leading Gym

Access Control with Free Membership software

Regal Security Services installed an innovative one-door access control system with and gym membership. Some advanced features include time recording and remote system administration.


The system installation was completed in Fujairah within 2 hours and was fully functional.

System Overview: 

  • Management of members -set start date, membership expiry date.

  • Issue, delete, and print member cards with custom-designed card template.

  • Manager remote system access via the internet on Mobile or PC.

  • Ease of future expansions and upgrades.

  • App for our valued customers to access cameras for live view and playback from anywhere.

Hardware and Software:

The system included:

  • Free Software for central Membership management.

  • Access control system software.

  • Door Controller

  • 2x Readers for check-in and check-out the Gym.

  • 1x Touchless Exit for door management.

Project Summary 







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