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Office Building

High-Rise Mixed-Use Tower

To become the trusted security partner of choice, provide value in marketplace, display innovation and adaptiveness and earning our clients’ confidence to reward our shareholders.


High-Rise Mixed-Use Tower

Access Control and CCTV for intelligent building monitoring

Through consultation with the building owners and stakeholders, the client’s requirements were translated into a sophisticated, cost-effective, and integrated security monitoring system.

Regal Security’s was focused on:
1.    Designing and installing a solution to enable facility managers to manage the 40+ floor tower more cost-effectively and effectively.
2.    Ensuring the system provides the highest level of safety to all tenants, residents, and staff.
3.    Completing the transfer and switch over from the old system to the new platform with near-zero downtime.

The RSS technical team completed cabling, system installation, configuration, testing, and commissioning in record time.

System Overview: 

•    During thorough risk analysis and site assessments Regal Security tailored a solution to accommodate the clients’ requests.

•    The total security system encompasses internal areas for offices, residential and shopping malls, perimeter protection, apartment corridors, elevators, building service areas, and plant rooms.

• Long-range readers with tamperproof windshield stickers to manage tenant parking access.

•    The system monitors all entry and exit points for vehicles and passageways and fire escapes for people.

•    CCTV layout across the entire property optimizes camera viewpoints and is planned to achieve no dead zones across commercial spaces.

•    Enhanced system monitoring with live notifications and alarms using video analytics with facial recognition and advanced reporting.

Hardware and Software:

•    Customized Control room with video wall and alarm integration.

•    Smart Facial Recognition Entry Cameras for all Tower entrances.

•    Centrally managed access control and CCTV system software.

•    Full definition NVR recording with Mobile App.

•    Advanced night vision Bullet cameras for the open parking areas, parking entries/exits and all common areas.

•  High-resolution Outdoor PTZ Cameras with powerful IR for crystal clear images at night surrounding the tower.

•    Indoor Dome Cameras throughout the Tower including the lifts, basement parking and service block.

Project Summary 





700m fiber optic, 4,000m CAT5


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