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Educational Facility Security Solutions

Our education sector-focused security solutions have been developed to specifically meet the requirements for school and campus safety and security, whilst ensuring ease of access for students, faculty, and staff members. Whether you have one campus, or many campuses, our solution can be quickly and easily scaled, as well as be customised to meet your individual requirements.


  • Schools

  • Universities and Colleges

  • Creches

  • Libraries and Museums

  • Lecture Rooms

  • Residences

  • Laboratories

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Powerful CCTV Surveillance Solutions for Educational Institutions

Our advanced Video Management Software provides an extensive range of sophisticated surveillance options, tools, and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements.

From a small school to a large tertiary institution, we provide integrated surveillance solutions to meet the high-security demands required for these environments and their unique and challenging surveillance requirements.


Educators, learners, and visitors are protected within a secure environment where incidents are significantly decreased by the presence of 24/7 surveillance solutions.

Meeting Educational CCTV Surveillance Requirements

  • Security Management

  • Abandoned Parcel Detection

  • Loitering Detection

  • People and Traffic Flow

  • Access Control Integration

  • Alarm Panel Integration


CCTV and Video Management Features

  • I.P and Analogue CCTV Hybrid Solutions with Megapixel Camera support

  • Smart Video Analytics - integrates with several specialized analytics devices to provide triggers.

  • Video and Audio Monitoring - can be monitored from individual teaching rooms and an emergency/panic button facility can be installed using the analog IO on the IP Camera.

  • Emergency / Panic Button Facility - In the event of an emergency if the button is activated, a high priority alarm is triggered in the control room, and the operator is alerted of the situation through live audio.

  • Centralized Alarm Management - operators can initiate immediate corrective action by assigning relevant resources.

  • Remote and Multiple Site Management Capability - navigate multiple sites throughout the facility with site maps

  • Advanced Operator Control - navigate and select sites, drag-and-drop cameras to selected monitors, control outputs and move PTZ cameras

  • Failover for Complete System Redundancy

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Effective Access Control Solutions for Educational Institutions

Securing your campus, students, and assets with the ability to manage and monitor students and personnel across multiple residences, campuses, and lecture venues. We provide solutions across the educational sector, to schools, tertiary institutions, universities, and comprehensive institutions.

Our “one card” solution provides an unrivalled level of convenience for access to buildings, libraries, residential facilities, and even cashless vending at canteens.

Meeting Educational Access Control Requirements

  • Student enrolment with onsite card printing streamlines the process and can be completed within a few days.

  • Student/staff cards are activated immediately and be used to gain access to authorized locations.

  • Not only for physical access cards - users can also enjoy the same features using biometrics (face/fingerprint), meaning less lost cards and the ever-present risk of card sharing.


Access Control Features

  • Improved administrative efficiency and management through reporting

  • ‘Lock down’ feature in case of a threat, exam registration to reduce identity fraud,

  • Remote admin system access through any internet connection (smartphone, tablet, computer)

  • Integration to student management systems with automated attendance tracking

  • Access Control and CCTV Integration

  • Sophisticated System Health Monitoring

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