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Camel Farm

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Camel Farm

Comprehensive CCTV monitoring in harsh environments

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Regal Security Services carried out an in-depth survey for the CCTV system to ensure quality, the reliable solution was installed to withstand the harshest desert environmental conditions long into the future.

The CCTV solution included the supply and installation of all head-end, field equipment, network, and associated accessories, as well as system optimization to ensuring devices are in good working order to minimize downtime and any system failures.

System Overview: 

• The system is monitored from a state-of-the-art control room with Video walls, Alarm integration, and Spot monitors.

• The entire system including the full functions of the PTZ cameras, are remotely accessible via the Remote CCTV Mobile App.

• System design was based around future-proofing and the ability for expansion using the latest technology in recording, live viewing, and system alarms.

• Advanced line crossing analytics provides real-time notifications to the control room if a person approaches any restricted areas while reducing false alarms from small animals.

• Ultra-long viewing distances (300m+ in good lighting conditions) across strategic areas to allow additional monitoring capabilities and assist in incident investigations.

• Camera coverage which leaves no dead zones in the surveillance coverage to provide full coverage of all areas.

Hardware and Software:

Video Analytics is capable NVR’s monitor the internal and perimeter cameras.

• High speed 36x optical PTZ cameras with 7 IR LED + 2 Laser LED illumination giving long-distance night-time views.

• The data infrastructure was installed using CAT6 UV-protected cabling with a Fibre backbone and Wi-Fi point-to-point links where hardwired routing was not possible due to the terrain.

• Integrated 100m varifocal cameras with infrared illumination were installed to sufficiently cover areas that had no additional ambient lighting.

• Cameras were configured to provide complete overlapping coverage with no blind spots, viewing angles set to provide optimum coverage, and clear pictures along the boundary line 24 hours a day.

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