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Comprehensive AMC’s


Comprehensive AMC Plans:
Under our comprehensive service contracts the responsibility to keep the system in good working order is ours and includes all spare parts, labor, service, and transportation.

This maintenance is frequent and completed on a pre-determined basis. In short, these contracts cover any work to be performed be done by us, regardless of frequency or cost. Acts of God, physical mishandling or criminal damage are excluded.

Gold AMC Services

The Gold comprehensive AMC takes care of any hardware faults,
callout service, labour, repairs, and preventative maintenance.

Under the Gold plan, our engineers come to service your facility,  building, residence, or office and do any repairs free of cost, all spare parts replacement is included.

Documentation and Approvals

​✓ Police certification for trade license applications and  renewals

Hardware Warranty

​✓ Free Equipment Swap out on All Hardware

Site Visits, Callouts and Response Times

​✓ Unlimited Free Call Outs
✓ Critical Response within 2 hours and Non-Critical Response  within 24 hours
✓ 2 Incident-based call-outs per quarter

Technical Support 

​✓ 24/7 free telephonic support
​✓ Dedicated Site Engineer assigned to manage the site/s  with a monthly visit by Regal management

Software Upgrades and Database Maintenance 

​✓ Free Software upgrades every quarter to the latest stable version
​✓ Weekly Scheduled Backups
​✓ Discounted rate for database repairs, maintenance, and restorations.

  • Airports

  • Maritime

  • Banks

  • Corporate Offices

  • Royal Palaces

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics

  • Laboratories

  • Local Authorities

  • Road and rail links

  • Re-fueling Depots

  • Shipyards and ports

  • Refineries and depots

  • Storage Tanks

  • Container Terminals

  • Truck Depots

  • Military Bases

  • Embassies

  • Law Enforcement

  • Prisons

  • Public Transport

  • Metro Stations

  • Parking Facilities

  • Government Buildings

  • Construction

  • Telecommunications

  • Data Centers

  • Desalination plants

  • Power Stations

  • Sewage Plants

  • Marina's

  • Shopping Malls

AMC Contract