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Dairy Farm


Security Solutions for Agriculture & Farming 

Protecting agricultural areas with specific security solutions is essential to ensuring the security of our food supply. 

For farmers and people in the agricultural industry, keeping 24/7 watch on their property can be difficult without the proper technologies. 
Regal Security is here to help. 


Protecting your investments is essential to ensuring the long-term success of your agriculture business. Implementation of security systems can help improve your ability to keep a close watch on your farmland and rest easy.

Traditional security methods used in other industries are not suitable to provide security for agricultural lands as many areas are remote and lack the capabilities required to implement effective security protection measures.

We are uniquely capable of providing top-notch security solutions to protect your assets.


  • Agricultural and environmental sciences, including genetics and systems ecology facilities.

  • Monitoring large machinery, livestock, tools, crops and produce, pesticides, and herbicides. 

  • Gates, barns, warehouses, greenhouses, and pastures.

  • Animal husbandry, fisheries, and plant science.

  • Food technology laboratories.

  • Managing agricultural outputs, feed, fibre, and fuel.

  • Observing strategies for the implementation of new policies and practices.

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

Powerful CCTV Surveillance Solutions for Agriculture & Farming 

With our video surveillance solutions, you get real-time threat detection even at the most remote locations.


Footage is recorded locally on-site around the clock with events pushed to a web-based platform in real-time, allowing you to view your cameras from virtually anywhere.

We use high-end, ruggedized cameras in all our solutions with a variety of features and capabilities. We offer Infrared, color and thermal imaging, HD video, PTZ technology and more.

Meeting Agriculture & Farming CCTV Surveillance Requirements

  • Keep assets safe, reduce theft and vandalism.

  • Reduce costs over on-site security guards.

  • Enforce safety compliance regulations.

  • Monitor large areas and identify unsafe practices to reduce legal liability.

  • Document site construction progression.

  • Flexible deployment options for mobile, permanent or temporary needs.

  • Actionable insights and historical reports are available via a web-based platform.

  • Easily view all sites at one time within a single, integrated system.


CCTV and Video Management Features

  • I.P and Analogue CCTV Hybrid Solutions with Megapixel Camera support

  • Smart Video Analytics - integrates with several specialized analytics devices to provide triggers.

  • 24×7 HD video recording – With Industrial-Grade PTZ, bullet, and thermal cameras.

  • Artificial intelligence -helps identify true suspicious activity by decreasing the occurrence of false alarms.

  • Remote Monitoring - If the system activates, you will immediately be made aware of the potential situation taking place on your property.

  • Night Vision - In low-lighting areas, our advanced technology can help by providing a clear video even in the darkest of areas. This is essential as nighttime is a frequent time for outdoor crimes.

  • Solar-Powered Solutions - A perfect option for areas like agricultural land where it may lack the necessary equipment to set up adequate protection. Using solar panels, we provide continuous security protection for your farmlands.

  • Centralized Alarm Management - operators can initiate immediate corrective action by assigning relevant resources.

Net Covering Crops

Effective Access Control Solutions for Agriculture & Farming

Allowing only certain people in while denying access to all unauthorized people must be the number one priority to ensure the farm remains safe from potential harm.

Meeting Agriculture & Farming Access Control Requirements:

  • Secure Facilities - Grant entry and exit for gates, storage rooms, and greenhouses only to authorized personnel. Revoke access immediately for terminated employees.

  • Keyless door entry - Operated via intercom, proximity fob/card, keypad, or even a biometric system.

  • Providing authorized access levels - Establishing access permissions for different areas of the premises.

  • User identity authentication - credentials entering the system are checked against a database saved in the access server.

  • Track the access and activities of workers and visitors - helps keep management issues at bay, giving the farm owners and managers more control.

  • Reporting - such as when people enter and leave certain areas of the farm.


Access Control Features:

  • With our smart access control systems, you will never lose keys again!

  • Quickly add or revoke access to your farm or specific areas within seconds.

  • Improved administrative efficiency and management across multiple sites.

  • Complete selection of access control equipment: Controllers, Readers, and Door hardware.

  • Several authentication methods including access cards, fobs, keypads, biometrics, and mobile access control.

  • Access reporting, real-time notifications, and remote monitoring via computer or mobile.

  • Flexible and scalable for future growth in the next 5-10 years with an increase in the size of the farm and the number of workers required.

Scientist in Greenhouse
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